Two secrets for great photos.

Happy dog at the beach

Want to take some great photo’s? Everyone does. Over the past couple of years I’ve taken a surprising amount of fabulous pictures. Here’s how.

  1. Buy a good camera and lens. I have a Sony NEX7. Most of my beach photos are shot with a 55-210mm zoom lens. You can pick up a used NEX5 or NEX3 and the lens for less than $500. Worth every penny.
  2. Here’s the big secret. The day I took this picture, I took 918 pictures. My camera takes up to 10 photos per second. I just hold down the button and start shooting. Chances are, with 20 pictures of the same thing, one of them will be just right. And pictures are free. I have a backup memory card, but have never come close to filling up the primary.

Here are some other shots from the beach. Most of it is luck.

Timing is everything.
Can’t ask for any more than this.

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